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When I sat down to talk marketing plans with my publisher, we said aloud that getting an excerpt on Ann Voskamp's Blog was most likely a pipe dream, but definitely one worth shooting for. "If we can just get Ann to read your writing, I think we have a shot." Amazing how the encouragement of someone else, in this case my friend and marketing manager Andrew, can dare us to believe.

The first excerpt we submitted got lost in cyber space, the second one got rejected, but this one -- this one -- met with high marks. We got it. When Andrew called to tell me the good news, I stopped dead in the church hallway where I work, speechless, then overcome. Andrew's excitement was genuine, unparalleled but for my own, making the moment all the better. #willforeversavor

A few weeks later, as I was sitting in a church pew next to my friend Amy, my phone dinged. The excerpt went a live a day earlier than expected. I inhaled. I held my breath. I clicked. I saw.

The clever heading first: why we need to start calling each other names -- for real

Ann's picture,

My name in the byline,

Then . . .

The words I penned myself, words about my beautiful daughter Sadie.

The tears were fast, hot and never-ending.

It never gets old. Having the courage to take a step in the direction of our dreams, and experiencing the pure joy of seeing a small piece of them actually come true.

Keep dreaming.

#dreams #writing #annvoskamp #excerpt #naming #faith #god #courage

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