SOMD in Publisher's Weekly!

Whoever thought it was a good idea for me to start a new job and launch my first book at the exact same time (literally, the exact same time!) was out of their mind. The problem is, I don't have anyone to blame, and so I'm resting in the fact that the timing is and was perfect, and I'll be better for it in the end.

One highlight I can't help share, in the midst of trying to do all things.

First, by way of introduction, from my March 22 Facebook post: Since the launch of my book more than two weeks ago, I have been blown away by amazing friends who have loyally plastered its cover all over social media (my genuine apologies to your news feeds!). They have made these last few weeks truly remarkable and for that I am exceedingly grateful. I've also been genuinely amazed by the sheer number of you who have not only congratulated me, but have actually purchased a copy of the book -- have read it -- and have taken the time to let me know your thoughts. I have been encouraged beyond measure, truly, and for that I thank you. Today, I am initiating my own post. When I began writing this book, I strived for the kind of writing quality that might garner some attention outside of my little world. I dreamed of being validated outside the voices of those who already know and love me. While being reviewed by Publishers Weekly might be a dime a dozen for some, and probably old hat for others, for me it's a small piece of a dream realized. I will confess in my dream of dreams, the review came complete with a beautiful little star, but this moment I will soak in for all it's worth, with a prayer of thanks on my lips. As for the star . . . it gives me something to keep dreaming about next time, which is a lovely thought for my soul.

Camfield’s richly detailed memoir of a lifetime of dreams is both insightful and reassuring. Though not all of her dreams have been realized and some are long forgotten, Camfield, a writer, speaker, and development director for Caris (a nonprofit counseling organization), remains faithful to her belief that God will lead her through dreams that define what she can offer to the world—rather than what the world can give to her. Throughout the book, she refers to her realization of God’s sovereignty over our dreams, hopes, and aspirations as “the Stirring.” She writes, “I’d say the Stirring was a moment: an awareness of the holy in the midst of the everyday that simultaneously brought clarity and chaos to my space in the world.” Dreams may take a turn that requires a great deal of courage and faith in God, she writes, but each one part of a personal journey that should lead to accepting God’s plan: “For his is the voice that sustains us as we step into our dreams. His is the voice that calls us to step into the parts of ourselves that were just waiting.” Not intended to define dreams or help readers ascertain why some dreams don’t come to fruition while others do, Camfield’s book instead puts one woman’s dreams into perspective based on her life experiences, her faith in God’s direction, and her willingness to move forward in God’s word.

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