So I Wrote a Book

It's hard for me to believe it's been two years since I've spent any time on this site.

It's okay, though -- all for good reason.

Shortly after I wrote my last blog post (in which I thought I'd start blogging more), I went to a writer's conference where an editor asked me if I'd ever considered writing a book. It had been a dream of mine for years, but I wasn't sure I was ready. I bluffed my way through the conversation, then drove home and got to work on figuring out what it was I finally wanted to say. I put together a book proposal, sent it off to the publisher and four months later, a yellow envelope showed up at my door -- my book contract -- and I cried all the way to Sunday. This, the truncated version, of course.

Writing a book (at least in my mind) is akin to building one's first house. It sounds exciting when you break ground (and it is), but you quickly start to realize how hard it actually is. Like way harder than you ever thought. And you quickly realize that you don't actually know what you're doing, so you find yourself in over your head multiple times before you get to the end . . . because you don't actually know how to build a house. Because you've never actually done it.

That's pretty much been my last two years.

Outside of work and being a mom, I've had my nose in a laptop. Writing on the train on the way to work, writing in my car waiting for my kids to finish practice, writing in coffee shops in the dawn of many Saturday mornings. Writing, writing, writing -- in completely over my head -- in every nook and cranny I could eek out of life. Until I finally finished building the house, fingers crossed that I didn't make too many mistakes along the way. At least not the kind that would bring the whole house crashing to the ground, anyway.

Last week, I finished my final revisions. A few weeks before that, I got the official title from my editor: The Sound of a Million Dreams: Awakening to Who You Are Becoming (InterVarsity Press, Spring 2017). Soon there will be a cover, another subtle reminder that this thing I began two years ago is not just some random conversation between me and my laptop that no one will ever read. This thing is actually happening. This thing will actually have windows and doors and a roof and a floor. This thing will become a book that someone, somewhere, will hold in their hands and potentially read -- ready or not.

A dream come true.

I'm super excited. And I'm super tired.

My next adventure will be turning this blog into a website and beginning to dip my toes into the world outside my own laptop and thoughts once again. I haven't decided what that will look like yet, but I'm going to spend the next few months trying to figure it out. Wish me luck. It's like starting to build a house all over again -- in way over my head and toes and nose and fingertips -- because it's a different kind of house than the one I just built. Lord have mercy.

I write this in hopes that you might stay tuned. It'll be fun to share the journey if you feel like tagging along.

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