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Chris Fabry Live (live radio interview)
Let's Talk with Mark Elfstrand (live radio interview)
Amplify with Father Ron Lengwin, KDKA Radio, Pittsburgh (live radio interview)
Direct Line with Wayne Kent (live radio interview on August 9)
Ann Voskamp Blog (excerpt)
Publisher's Weekly (review)
Elisa Morgan, Really (original blog post)
The Mudroom (excerpt)
Patheos, A Piligrim's Road Trip, Michelle Van Loon (review)
MLT Magazine, "Recognizing a God Calling" (original article)
CBA Christian Market Reviews
InterVarsity Blog (interview, not yet released)
Faith Conversations with Anita Lustrea,(podcast)
The Open Door Sisterhood, Hey Sister (podcast)
The Devoted Dreamers Podcast with Merritt Onsa
FINDINGbalance with Constance Rhodes, (podcast, not yet released)
Unhurried Living with Gem & Alan Fadling (podcast, not yet released)
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I rarely read books more than once. In this case, I'm already on my second time through. The first time I flew through because I was so engaged by the story. Now I'm re-reading because it brought up so many things to think through, reflect, challenge, and observe. I need to go more slowly this time to digest it all. Definitely worth the read (and re-read...)


I think I found my new favorite book! Camfield's writes eloquently and the book is thoughtful, deep, and challenging. Not many books hit the mark on all of these criteria. Camfield beautifully describes the tension we all must face as limited, broken people who dream big dreams. 

This book is bound to become a classic.