I am passionate about transformation.
I had the good fortune of growing up in a household with two public school teachers, both of whom demonstrated the important and delicate art of transferring knowledge and passion from one brain, one heart, to another. In the process, they've transformed a lot of lives. A good teacher is, in my opinion, one that cares more about the experience of the learner than they do hearing the sound of their own voice. It's the kind of teaching that brings transformation (coupled with a lot of grace), and what I hope to bring to any group I have the privilege of spending time with.
"Suanne lives life authentically with God, and that comes through loud and clear in her speaking and teaching. I have had the pleasure of seeing her communicate in various setting, from one-on-one to large groups, and her style is always the same – her warm, empathetic, engaging personality shines through in all settings. That’s because she speaks from the heart, just like she lives from the heart." - Angie Weszely, CEO, ProGrace 

"Suanne is a gifted teacher, preached, and storyteller. She captivates audiences both young and old through her artful story telling, anointed teaching and relevant preaching. Every time I have had heard Suanne speak, even to hundreds of people, a pin can be heard dropped in the room - except for moments of laughter. I would recommend Suanne for any event, conference, retreat or seminar."  Tara Beth Leach, Senior Pastor, Paz Naz Church, California.

If you're interested in having me come speak, please email me with potential

dates, venue and topic request.
I've taught and preached to large groups of many ages and genders, as well as
led workshops and retreats. 
Topics I most often speak on include:
Bible Passages/Teaching
Living out Your Passion, Calling & Dreams
Experiencing God's Grace
Marriage & Parenting
You can listen to a couple samples of my teaching here or here.