Awakening to Who You are Becoming (March 2017, InterVarsity Press)



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"This book is bound to become a classic." Dorothy Greco, author

In these pages writer and speaker Suanne Camfield writes of the varied dreams that she has pursued over the course of her life. With captivating and eloquent stories and concepts, she guides us through what it feels like to have a stirring deep inside of us- - and how God guides and shapes us through that sense of calling. This is not a book primarily about vocation or even discernment. It is a book about being a dreamer who is shaped by God. It is about having the wisdom and courage to step into the places of our most vulnerable longing.

"What does a dream sound like? "The first time the sound of a dream slammed, hard, in the center of my spirit, was almost a decade ago. It's the sound that has led me on the journey whose threads are pulled through this book, an intimate journey that I've often struggled to comprehend; it's been unlike anything else I've ever known. It happened in a coffee shop during my thirtieth year, and in less than two hours it would cause me to listen to my life anew."

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"Suanne Camfield's writing is vivid and lyrical, nearly every sentence like a pearl plucked from the mouth of an oyster. This book has enriched my life, daring me not just to dream but to become."


Jen Pollock Michel, author of Teach Us to Want and Keeping Place



"Part poet, part philosopher, part penitent, and always a keen-eyed observer and exquisite writer, Suanne Camfield is above all a coach like her father, although this time she encourages us all to a deeper experience of the Stirring and the Becoming. The Sound of a Million Dreams is a book to read slowly and savor long."


Os Guinness, author of The Call


“The Sound of a Million Dreams simultaneously embraces me right where I am while beautifully beckoning me one step further. Through her intensely honest pilgrimage, Suanne Camfield woos me to become fully who I already am in Jesus.”


Elisa Morgan

Speaker, Author, The Beauty of Broken and Hello, Beauty Full

President Emerita, MOPS International

Co-Host Discover the Word Radio


"Few books so brilliantly and beautifully describe the process by which one awakens to a personal dream and then dares to discipline oneself to pursue it as this amazing breakout work by Suanne Camfield. In the course of describing the fears, tears, and laughter that marked her own journey toward fulfillment, Camfield inspires all of us to begin listening for the yearning voice in ourselves that might be calling us to the life we are meant to live."  


Daniel Meyer, author of Discovering God, Witness Essentials, and Leadership Essentials



"An absolute must read for anyone who has ever feared, wondered, or second-guessed themselves as they tried to their way through this life! Suanne is a master at helping the reader feel known, safe, and befriended on the journey of the soul. She is a brilliant writer and a fellow pilgrim. I giggled and cried and realized again that there are no easy answers. All we have is the sound of our dreams, the vivid echoes and invitations from God to be who we truly are. Find yourself on the journey as you read this book. Camfield is brilliant!"


Tracey Bianchi -- Worship & Teaching Pastor @ Christ Church of Oak Brook. Freelance writer and speaker

"From the first page, I was drawn into one woman's honest journey through broken dreams and unrealized expectations, into the darkest places of her humanity and out the other side. There she finds herself, finds grace, finds wisdom. This is a beautifully written, introspective, and achingly honest book with so much to discover and to savor."


Susy Flory, author and director, West Coast Christian Writers Conference

"In her beautifully written book, Suanne Camfield invites us to uncover our dreams, even those that lie shattered on the ground. By vulnerably sharing her own story, she encourages us to dig deep and interact with our dreams in a way that moves us toward who we really are, not just what we want to do."


Anita Lustrea, media coach, author, and spiritual director

"With artful and energetic prose, Suanne Camfield has written an original and honest memoir of her life with all its beauty, complexity, and passion. As you read The Sound of a Million Dreams you will find yourself in the company of a woman on a relentless quest to understand and trust the stirring within her to follow a lifelong dream. She will put words to the very experiences you've had in stumbling forward in search of your dreams. And somewhere along the line you will catch her fervor and realize there's no turning back. I commend this book to anyone who loves exquisite writing, rich story, and real life!"

Beth A. Booram, Sustainable Faith Indy, author of Starting Something New